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For Employers

Our Founding member, Beverly, has many years experience in managment and understands the challenges in keeping up to date, having accurate policies, and decreasing company liability.  CannaMed Education Association is the first in the area to offer assistance to employers to help them rewrite company employee drug policies to reflect the Medical Marijuana Requirements for Employers.  We understand that companies are busy and often do not have the manpower or time to effectively revise certain procedures and policies.  CannaMed will educate your management teams and employees for you at times convenient for you and your employees so that everyone gets the same information.  Have employees on three different shifts? Some employees on site for a few hours a week? Weekend employees only? No problem, CannaMed will be able to take care of all employee needs and get your company in compliance quickly and efficiently.  Contact us today before time runs out and your business stays in compliance with the ever changing regulations.

For Employment Opportunities

We provide exceptional training for you to become a highly sought after employee for the emerging medical marijuana industry across the nation.  With our in depth training and certificate program you can gain the knowledge needed to make your resume stand out.  We have partnered with Pennsylvania Cannabis Association to bring this much needed, and affordable, training to you.  Contact us for more information and check our Calendar for events in your area.

For Medical Professionals

Are you a Medical Professional wondering what your role might be in the Medical Marijuana Program?  CannaMed Education Association is founded by nurses with over 50 years collective experience in the medical field.  We offer professional experience and industry knowledge to the medical community in regards to roles, responsibilities, liabilities, and expectations required under the law.  We guide you through the process and give you the tools needed to have a better understanding of the program in your state. We are in the process of gaining accredidation to offer CE credits to MD, DO, CRNP, and RNs.  We understand your time is valuable and can come to you or you can attend one of our seminars.  Contact us us today for more information or check our Calendar of Events for seminars in your area.


For Patients and Caregivers

We provide up to date information to patients who fall under the 17 diseases listed in the PA Medical Marijuana Act as well as to patients who qualify under surrounding state laws.  We give patients and caregivers the facts they need to know to address their healthcare professionals, how to get the medical marijuana card, and the steps guardians or parents need to take to get children treatment now.  Contact us for more information and check our Calendar for events in your area.