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Beverly Alward, RN, BSN

Executive Director of Client Relations

CoFounder of CannaMed Education Association

is a Registered Nurse who has been working in the medical field over 24 years.  She is a wife, mother of two handsome and smart boys, and a long standing patient advocate.  Her journey into medical marijuana comes from many years of watching patients prescribed treatment plans that do not meet all the needs of the patient and their disease or condition.  Beverly holds the belief that there are alternative therapies that work and can be used in conjunction with modern medical treatments.  As a mother of a son with Sensory Processing Disorder, she has spent countless hours researching the treatment options for her son and concluded that medical marijuana will not cause the side effects that pharmacological interventions are known for and chose not to give her son despite repeated physician recommendations.  This information led Beverly to realize that others have the same concerns and that medical marijuana can, and has been proven, to help a whole host of conditions.  "Medical marijuana is no longer taboo. Patients can now get necessary treatments legally and should not have to suffer the long list of side effects associated with traditional medication. Patients and their needs should always come first in medicine." Beverly has over 15 years management experience including policy formation and revision.  She was a Corporate Compliance Officer for many years, a Staff Developer and Educator most of her career, and a patient advocate for over 24 years.  She holds degrees from Central Carolina Community College,  a BSN from Fayetteville State University, and a Business Management Certificate from The Sawyer School.  Beverly also attended the Canna Training University in Colorodo where she earned a Master Certificate in Cannabis.  Beverly is a current member of the American Nurses Association, the Pensylvania Nurses Association, and the American Cannabis Nurses Association. Contact Beverly:

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Theresa Howles, LPN

Executive Director of Educational Services

CoFounder of CannaMed Education Association

is an LPN with over 27 years experience in the medical field.  She and her husband, Stanley, have been married for 34 years, have two grown children each with families of their own.  Theresa is the happy grandmother of 2 and is anticipating the arrival of a third grandchild.  Theresa started her nursing career as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Medical Assistant, she went on to graduate from the Crawford County Technical College with her Diploma in Licensed Practical Nursing.  Since earning her degree, Theresa has served as a Personal Care Administrator, Charge Nurse, Resident Volunteer, and the last 10 years as a Wound Care Nurse in the Long Term Care setting.   She is also a graduate of the Master Certificate in Cannabis program at Cannabis Training Institute in Colorado.  Theresa's journey into medical marijuana has almost been life long, she lives daily with Multiple Sclerosis.  "Since my diagnosis of MS I have muddled through everyday.  Some days are better than others. Took my injections, pills, IV infusions, suffered through the side effects of the medications and the symptoms associated with MS such as spasitity, muscle weakness, bladder weakness, visual disturbances, walking issues and mild cognitive interference."  Theresa has spent many years attending educational seminars for patients and families suffering with MS and is now turning that experience into education for the public, employers, and the medical community.  Because of Theresa's personal experience with Multiple Sclerosis she is able to bring a unique set of skills and empathy to the public and our clients along with a personal understanding of  patient and family needs searching for more holisitic alternatives.   Contact Theresa: